5 Things About Beer You Definitely Need to Know

craft-beer-calgary            Beer is an alcoholic drink that probably one of the most popular and not to mention most loved beverage of all time. A friend recently made a side trip to Calgary Brewery during his visit to his relatives, and was able to have a personal tour with one of their long time serving staff. I’m pretty sure you know that it is made through fermentation of starches derived from grains under the process called brewing, but here are some additional facts you should know about your favourite hangout drink:

  1. The average alcohol by volume (ABV) content of beers is 5%.

Almost all brewed beers are produced within the range of 5% to 7% alcoholic content. But there is a brew created by a company called Brewmeister, that has a whopping 67.5% ABV making it the world’s strongest beer. The  drink is called the ‘snake venom’ and will definitely burn your stomach if you chug a whole bottle down in one sitting. I’d rather stick to the normal Calgary craft beers, thank you.

  1. Guinness Book of World Records has a title for World Beer Chugging Champion.

How fast can you drink a liter of beer? For Steven Petrosino, it only took him 1.3 seconds to finish this task. Because of chugging down in the same speed our eyelids take to blink, he earned the title of World Beer Chugging Champion in 1977. I wonder how he was able to fit all that liquid and drain it down to his stomach so quickly?

  1. The study of beer and beer making is zythology.

Beer was taken so seriously even back in the days that there is a scientific field that deals with its creation and study. Zythologists are the experienced beer connoisseur who is familiar with the ingredients and the brewing process of beer. It is also imperative that zythologists be able to explain in simple terms the art of beer tasting and its process.

  1. Czech Republic tops any other country in drinking beer.

In this fact you can easily say what nation loves beer the most. Czech Republic has a record of per capita beer consumption of almost 40 gallons a year. If you were to sit in a table with someone from this country, then its probably not a good idea to test your limits and drink with them; you’ll be on the floor before you know it while they’re left alone still drinking the night.

  1. Oktoberfest is the world’s largest beer festival.

This beer festival is celebrated yearly in Munich, Germany and millions of people from all over the world fly in just to attend this funfair. It runs for two whole weeks from late September to early October. It’s also a known fact that Germany takes its beer brewing seriously, so if you’re planning on attending one next year, I’m sure you’ll be tasting good quality beer.

It is no wonder why this alcoholic drink has remained part of our world’s evolution and development through the years. There are already hundreds of varieties of beer, but one thing is for sure: beer has been part of our hangout and party times, and it will stay that way.